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Mobile & Web Application Development

We develop for you applications that fit your requirements, defined operations or defined purpose after conducting out a comprehensive needs assessment. The apps we build are interoperable with other web apps, cross platform and can run both online and offline mode if required with robust security great UI/UX and are scalable.

Our expertise in mobile development covers Andriod development, iOS development, API development, Mobile and Web UI/UX design, Testing and Deployment.

We know how to take your needs or disruptive ideas and turn them into meaningful impactful web and mobile applications and deliver your requirements with accuracy meeting your budgeted time and cost.

Ecommerce & Web Development Services

We build eCommerce solutions with great GUI and excellent UI/UX giving an amazing shopping experience from start to finish with customized options and integrations utilizing leading eCommerce technology platforms. We engage in needs assessment to stick to your budget to create effective tools for an online retail platform which include vendor’s and buyer’s information management to enhance business decisions and boost sales. Our eCommerce services include the integration of a payment gateway for seamless transaction over the eCommerce platform

We also design and develop dynamic websites to give individuals, businesses and organizations a befitting wen front and web presence thereby communicating their brand to the wide internet audience and giving your organization a business advantage and a profitable edge. When you talk to us about your brand, we build a website for you that express it in a peculiar way.

IT Training, Consultancy & Outsourcing

We offer extensive, short and intensive training packages for individuals and private organizations that enhance their IT skill-set.

At BOOX COMMUNITY LTD, we are always prepared to give you the best in terms of capacity development by way of training and retraining on patterns and trends in the IT industry. When you talk to us and engage us, we will empower you and your people with the skills and training needed for the IT space and workplace in this tech jet age.

We also offer outsourcing services to free up your IT team to concentrate on other internal tasks within the organization. Our goal is to ensure that your organization achieve better performance, efficiency and profitability by deploying talented IT officers to the organization.


GIS & Geo Mapping Services

We provide GIS services by creating, managing, analyzing and mapping all types of data, connecting data to maps and integrating with location maps. We work on the conversions of GIS data and prepare electronic maps using Geographic Information System technology by using electronic data captured or collected by clients and perform geo-spatial/GIS analysis when necessary. We leverage on updated technology, research and innovation that are implemented by our experienced GIS experts to create maps for clients and our GIS  and GPS services can assist clients produce spatial maps, zonal maps, landscape maps and environmental maps for sectors mining, land information management, agriculture, health and other industries.


Data Analysis & Interpretation Services

We provide data analysis services by helping organizations collect data, process or analyze data and present it to the organization or project team in a method or form that is used to make very informed decisions thereby avoiding misinformation or loss of investments.

We have a team with great expertise and major in analyzing all forms of data and we engage this by understanding the purpose the data is analyzed, collect the raw dataset, transform the data into a structured manner, employ statistical analysis and make reports and recommendation.


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