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We Value Partnerships

Interactive session with International Integrated Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and agricBOOX

We Believe in Technology

Technology is a dynamic tool and method to drive the advancement of Africa

USAID Water for Agriculture Activity

Herders and Farmers Registration in North-east Nigeria

We Believe in Creating Connections

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and agricBOOX Team – USAID Water for Agriculture Activity

We believe in Collaboration

We deliver exceptional services through teamwork and profitable collaboration


BOOX Community

We resolve Information Technology (IT) hitches with creative concepts and approach through the provision of custom-made IT solutions peculiar to the client needs and our solution covers clients on different strata on the business tree ensuring that everyone is happy having done business with us or in doing business with us progressively.

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We’ll Provide You With First Class Service

We deliver exceptional services through building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and through continuous innovational concepts. We also leverage on our expertise and experience in the industry to serve our clients with the best IT solutions in the least time possible. These clients include individuals and organizations that are, private, public and non-governmental.

 BOOX COMMUNITY LTD offers full IT services including agro e-commerce, database design and programming, custom software and mobile application development and network analysis.


Custom Solutions, Maximizing Profits

We will provide you Information Technology (IT) services and solutions that will align technology with the everyday running of your organizations or in the direction of specialized projects. We will develop for you with innovative, high impact, cost effective communication tools to help ease your business, management processes and operations.

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